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Leave it to the expert techs at MUNICIPAL COMPLIANCE COMPANY  to clear out your foreclosed or REO properties.
 Our skilled techs provide outstanding property cleanouts.

Complete Property Cleanouts


Initial Cleanouts

Have our techs clear out your vacant properties. We take out any debris or trash that has been left behind. With the meticulous property cleanout services of MCC, every bit of leftover trash is hauled away in our trucks. After our attentive techs are done, your property will be spotless.


Immaculate Cleanouts

"Let us see what you cannot see". Every nook and cranny of a property is cleaned. Many times previous occupants leave debris of different sizes behind; we remove all of it.

Each job is done in a timely and cost-effective manner. While we don't offer cleaning services after the initial property securing, we do provide an assessment of the property for any cost of post-removal fees.